3d printer: Creality Ender-3 S1

The Ender series has always been known for being a good value and great performance in budget printers, but it has also been criticized for not being suitable enough for beginners.
With the Ender-3 S1, Creality has high-quality, low-priced 3D printers that are as easy to set up as any I’ve tried. There is also an S1 Pro model (another $100- $150), which upgrades the hot end assembly of the machine to an all-metal assembly that supports higher temperatures, adds an LED light bar to the top, upgrades the flexible surface bed and adds a touchscreen.
The mainstream Ender-3 V2 is considered an excellent 3D printer for under $300, but not necessarily a great printer for beginners. It requires a lot of manual assembly, from building the frame to connecting individual motors and sensors. Even after that, most Ender enthusiasts strongly recommend replacing some of the default hardware for aftermarket upgrades, adding further complexity.

The S1 version of the Ender-3 is about $100 more than the old version, but includes so many upgrades and quality of life features that it qualates as an excellent beginner friendly plug and play printer.
At 220 x 220 x 270mm, the print size is not huge, but it should be large enough for many hobbyists. Nozzle temperatures can reach up to 260 degrees Celsius (500 degrees Fahrenheit), which is not the highest – but again, sufficient for standard PLA/ABS/PETG/TPU printing. These initials all refer to different types of 3D filament

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